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Promo Buying 101

It's actually quite simple.  Check for deals.  Buy deal and submit information.  Get paid.

What is promo buying? Retailers often offer limited-time promotions on various products that are in limited supply.  Our goal is to purchase these products and, in turn, help you earn credit card points, miles and cashback.  Some deals are so good that we can even pay a commission on top of the purchase price.  At a high level, this process can be broken into six steps, as highlighted below.

Step 1 - Identifying the deal: We identify these in our member-only section once you have signed up.  This page lists all the "active" values and the relevant information you need to purchase.

Step 2 - Purchasing: Once you have made your purchase, you can record it on the same Deals page under your unique Buyers ID provided during your initial registration.  This buyer I.D. tracks and logs your items under your profile.  

Step 3 - Logging Tracking: Once the item ships, you can log the tracking numbers on the "Tracking" page.  This helps us plan for the arrival of the goods if shipped to an alternate address.  It also gives us an idea of what to expect and by when.

Step 4 - Receiving and Scanning: Our team receives shipments by scanning the tracking numbers, product and serial numbers.  This is helpful if any issues with the shipment return must be processed.  While rare, some big companies make mistakes and send the wrong items, or something gets damaged.  With the scanning process, we can quickly inform you of what needs to happen and assist in returning the package.

Step 5 - Confirmation and Payment: Our system will generate a Purchase Order (PO) under your name once packages have been receiP.O.d and scanned in.  This confirms the goods that have been delivered or dropped off.  A purchase order will look like this and is an official document used to process payment.

Step 6 - Payment: Once a P.O. has been issued, you can log in to the member portal "Payments" tab and request funds.  This tab contains more detailed instructions, as we understand this is probably the most critical component in the process.

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